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Daily Haiku: June 1, 2020

senryu       driving home the twists and turns of our conversation         by Jay Friedenberg (USA) Modern Haiku, Vol. 49.3, Autumn 2018  

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Daily Haiku: May 31, 2020

late afternoon– the fullness of the cow’s udder by Carole MacRury  (USA) Snapshot Press, The Haiku Calendar, 2008

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New Testimonials for “Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing”

Readers and Followers: I thank all the people who’ve read my new poetry book and commented. Below is a brief description of it and new reviews: Charlotte Digregorio’s timely book, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing, is artistically-designed with nearly … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Nisha Raviprasad

Arrival   The sky scarlet with streaks, golden like the anklets on a bride, studded with crows, black, beautifully scattered.     their raucous calls ring in the wind the dazzling moon is awake, she always was.    Her silver … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: May 30, 2020

an old basket my wishes  wildflowers    by Maria Concetta Conti (Italy) Otata, 43, July 2019

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Haibun by Ignatius Fay

Food for Thought My two young daughters and I are at the grocery checkout. Ahead is a homeless woman of indeterminate age, a fixture in the neighborhood for years. Stooped, hair in disarray, teeth in need of more than a … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: May 29, 2020

mother’s sepsis . . . I help the undertakers wrap her away   by Alan Summers (UK) Human/Kind Journal of Topical & Contemporary Japanese Short-forms & Art, Issue 1.1, January 2019

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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Raven Black Under the forest canopy, raven restedBlack sheen reflecting on the cedar trunkCorvid enveloped by green understoryEyes darting warily, survival strategiesCollecting courage for the next forayNot quiet, his coarse voice resonatedLike a bold billows on the nearby riverSending shivers … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: May 28, 2020

dawn light­­ deer prints point to the pear blossoms                                    by David Käwika Eyre (USA) Modern Haiku, 50:2, Summer 2019  

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Free Verse by Karen Harvey

Water Baby I saw you firston the scanbaby swimmer,echolocation,two heartbeats,yours faster than mine. Mine skipped a beatat the quickening of you,when you flipped within mewhilst singing the songsof the deep. You came eagerlyrunning the bow wave.I helped bring youto the … Continue reading

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