New Testimonials for “Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing”

Readers and Followers:

I thank all the people who’ve read my new poetry book and commented. Below is a brief description of it and new reviews:

Charlotte Digregorio’s timely book, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing, is artistically-designed with nearly 200 haiku/senryu and haiku sequences. It also has 130 other poems of thirteen forms including tanka, haibun, and common forms one learned in school, such as sonnet, free verse, acrostic, cinquain, and limerick.

It isn’t just a collection of Digregorio’s award-winning poems, but an inspirational book with essays, prose passages that encourage the writing of poetry as a healing exercise (with attention to haiku), and exhaustive Appendices that spur poets to publicize their work/events.

It’s divided into 12-themed sections including: Nostalgia, Peace, Solitude, Creatures, People, and Seasons’ Potpourri. It has: an Introduction that features haiku, senryu, and tanka; a comprehensive bibliography of healing poetry collections including 22 haiku books; multiple lists of publications that publish poetry; ideas for general print/broadcast media that feature poets; and ideas on types of associations/organizations/businesses that promote poets through awards, interviews, readings, speaking/workshop engagements, and exhibits of their work. The Appendices with their lists of resources, open to poets nationally/internationally, are also useful to haiku poets.


It’s Digregorio’s hope that more haikuists will be inspired to write other poetic forms to enrich their knowledge of poetry, in general, and write more haiku, too.

“Many haiku poets that I know only write the Japanese-style forms,” Digregorio says. “The more poetic forms people read and write, the more inspired they will become to write their preferred forms of poetry, implementing new ideas and developing rhythmic and imagistic skills,” she says.

Your book responds to so many of the themes and issues that are central to my life experience. I hope this book makes its way to many people in these sad and complex times. A real help. You are appreciated.

–David Eyre (USA), Poet

Charlotte Digregorio’s indefatigable writing packs a strong poetic punch. This award-winning poet has the courage to face the truth about love, loss, aging, birth, death, and the upside down nature of life–the full catastrophe. Expect to be challenged and invigorated. Without question, Digregorio is a beneficial presence in this world, and I have a high regard for her fresh and poignant poems.

–Robert Epstein, Psychotherapist & Author, Healing into Haiku: On Illness and Pain



Digregorio’s poetry is healing, gets you through tough times, and saves lives. This book is one answer to the Coronavirus. Nuanced by childhood memories of oceans and jagged monoliths, of black bear and elk, she shares through reflection and meditation, poems with a spaciousness that speak of acceptance and gratitude for what is. She is like the sculptor in one of her poems, “creating equilibrium and harmony.” She reaches out and invites the reader to join her in solitude, share thoughts and observations. There’s an exuberance of life here that cannot help but touch you.        

–Mary Jo Balistreri, Poet and Author, Still


The bumper sticker on my car reads: “Nature: Cheaper than Therapy.” As an adjunct to nature’s treatment plan, I would prescribe Charlotte Digregorio’s Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing. Her imagistic poems wind through diverse relational and emotional terrain, and never lose touch with the natural healing qualities of acceptance, wonder, gratitude, and harmony.  

–Mike Stinson, Psychotherapist, Poet & Author, extra innings




Charlotte Digregorio has the all-too-uncommon ability to put the reader in the poet’s place. One does not read, so much as experience her poems. Closing my eyes, many of these poems could have been memories from my own past. These very personal poems become personal to the reader. The poet uses words as her brush, and all senses are stimulated.

–Ignatius Fay, Poet and Co-Author of Breccia



An affecting collection. Charlotte Digregorio finds lyricism in solitude, finds reason to celebrate and transform into art the trifles in our gritty lives. These are poems of great skill, poems with a generous heart by a writer who cherishes the luminous particulars of every moment.

–Marsh Muirhead, Poet and Author of last night of the carnival


Award-winning poet Charlotte Digregorio offers readers an array of poems that delve deeply into the external, her Midwest surroundings, and the internal, the nature of her creativity. Digregorio’s delectable collection is one to be savored again and again.

–Roberta Beary, Poet and Author of The Unworn Necklace


The poems of Charlotte Digregorio possess a clarity of vision one seldom finds in contemporary verse. The images she creates are vibrant and alive. We Baby Boomers identify with her all too well.

– John J. Dunphy, Poet and Author of Touching Each Tree









About Charlotte Digregorio

I publish books. I have marketed and/or published 55 titles. These books are sold in 46 countries to bookstores, libraries, universities, professional organizations, government agencies, and book clubs. In 2018, I was honored by the Governor of Illinois for my thirty-eight years of accomplishments in the literary arts, and my work to promote and advance the field by educating adults and students alike. I am the author of seven books including: Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All; Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Homes; You Can Be A Columnist; Beginners' Guide to Writing & Selling Quality Features; Your Original Personal Ad; and my latest, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing. The first four books have been adopted as supplemental texts at universities throughout the U.S., Canada, India, Pakistan, and Catalonia. They are sold in 43 countries, and are displayed in major metropolitan cultural centers. These books have been reviewed, recommended, and praised by hundreds of critics, librarians, and professors worldwide. I am also the author of a poetry collection: "Shadows of Seasons: Selected Haiku and Senryu by Charlotte Digregorio." Two of my books have been Featured Selections of Writer's Digest Book Club. I am regularly interviewed by major print, radio, and television organizations throughout the U.S. I regularly sign books at libraries, chain bookstores, and university bookstores, and do poetry readings at art centers, cafes, tea houses, and galleries. I was recently nominated for two Pushcart Prizes in poetry. I have won fifty-nine poetry awards, writing fourteen poetic forms. My poetry has been translated into eight languages. I do illustrated solo poetry exhibits 365 days a year in libraries, galleries, corporate buildings, hospitals, convention centers, and other venues. My individual poems have been displayed at supermarkets, apparel and wine shops, banks, botanic gardens, restaurants, and on public transit. I have been nominated and listed in "The International Authors and Writers Who's Who" in Cambridge, England and in the "Who's Who In Writers, Editors & Poets U.S./Canada." I hosted my own radio program, "Poetry Beat," on public broadcasting. My poetry has been featured on several library web sites including those of Shreve Memorial Library in Louisiana and Cornell University's Mann Library. My background includes positions as a feature editor and columnist at daily newspapers and as a magazine editor. I have been a public relations director for a non-profit organization. I am self-employed as a public relations/marketing consultant, having served a total of 118 clients in 23 states for the past several decades . In other professional areas, I have been on university faculties, teaching French, Italian, and Writing. I regularly give lectures and workshops on publishing, journalism, publicity, poetry, and creativity to business and professional groups, and at writer's conferences, universities, literary festivals, non-profit organizations, and libraries. I have been a writer-in-residence at universities. There have been about 400 articles written about me in the media. I have served on the Boards of writers and publishers organizations. My positions have included Board Secretary of the Northwest Association of Book Publishers. I served for five years as Midwest Regional Coordinator of The Haiku Society of America, and for two years as its Second Vice President.
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2 Responses to New Testimonials for “Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing”

  1. MaryJo says:

    Ripples of Air is a book you can go back to time and time again. The poems offer avenues of sensual experience that lead us into our own lives and lead us back out to dialogue with Charlotte’s many ways of expression. Ultimately, there is a sense of community, of knowing we aren’t alone.

    • Thanks, Jo! I think the same about your poetry books, “Still” and “Gathering the Harvest,” the latter which I am re-reading now to do a book review for this blog. They, too, validate our lives!

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