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Daily Haiku: Oct. 13, 2019

pumpkin patch the Rubenesque curves of the calabash gourds by Terri L. French (USA) Prune Juice, Oct. 28, 2013

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Daily Haiku: Oct. 7, 2019

dried field imagining butterflies by David Käwika Eyre (USA) not a one Red Moon Press, 2018

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Expand Your Writer’s Outreach

If you’re like most writers, it’s hard on top of your day job, to find the time to write creatively. And, it’s even harder to promote your creativity by doing outreach work.  Unfortunately, putting food on the table comes first. … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 2, 2019

a crow calls out of the fragrance of the evergreen by Elmedin Kadric (Sweden) Modern Haiku, Vol. 50:1, 2019

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 30, 2019

she gardens . . . the oaks whisper to her by Taylor Tucker (USA)

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 28, 2019

pinned to the wall winter sunshine by Gregory Piko (Australia) Frogpond, Vol. 39.3, 2016

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 24, 2019

absinthe glass the souls of poets lost in a green river bicchiere di assenzio le anime dei poeti perse in un fiume verde by Eufemia Griffo (Italy) Asahi Haikuist Network, Nov. 17, 2017

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