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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Raven Black Under the forest canopy, raven restedBlack sheen reflecting on the cedar trunkCorvid enveloped by green understoryEyes darting warily, survival strategiesCollecting courage for the next forayNot quiet, his coarse voice resonatedLike a bold billows on the nearby riverSending shivers … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Karen Harvey

Water Baby I saw you firston the scanbaby swimmer,echolocation,two heartbeats,yours faster than mine. Mine skipped a beatat the quickening of you,when you flipped within mewhilst singing the songsof the deep. You came eagerlyrunning the bow wave.I helped bring youto the … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Pravat Kumar Padhy

HOW BEAUTIFUL …. If birds could talk Trees could walk with us Flowers could express their cause of smile Spring could speak its desire And meaning of songs to the rocks Waves could stop for a while so that We … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Vanessa Proctor

A dragonfly rests motionless on my finger as I gently unravel the spider’s silk that is caught around its wings and thorax. It seems weightless, with its dark, slender body, and six fragile legs on my skin. I unwrap each … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Barb Germiat

Golden Giants   Giant goldfish swimming in Harold’s’s stock tank entranced me, a little girl who knew nothing but the farm.   Now I call them koi, but that doesn’t make them any less wonderful, teasing the cows’ tongues.   … Continue reading

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Free Verse by RM Yager

Grampa’s Life of 86 Years   They called me from the Nursing Home to come and collect his belongings   So I went   Gathered up, a Red clock radio, orthopedic tennis shoes, several Readers Digests, wool socks, boxer shorts, … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Ellen Grace Olinger

Poem for Georgia O’Keeffe   The ripples of a life: Your black iris hangs In my study– (the walls are grey and you would approve); How could you know the beauty You would bring into our lives You, who painted … Continue reading

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