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Daily Haiku: May 16, 2018

just enough time to see the falling rain . . . hospital window by Muskaan Ahuja  (India) Haiku Windows, May 9, 2018 The Haiku Foundation

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Creativity Requires Sharing With Others

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, being a writer or any kind of artist or creative person should involve sharing your work with others. For me, a large part of being a writer is sharing what I have … Continue reading

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Senryu Week: It’s All About Our Life’s Experiences

Attention Followers and Readers:  January 18 through the 24th is Senryu Week here on The Daily Haiku. Senryu, pronounced by Americans as “sen-ree-YOO,” with the accent on the third syllable, is in the haiku form, but focuses on human nature … Continue reading

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Earning a Living at Poetry?

What a thought! Recently, two poets I know brought this up as once having been a goal for them. However, they soon found that unless one combines the writing of poetry with a full-time teaching job in English/poetry, the odds … Continue reading

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