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Make Your Voice Heard: Respond to This Question

  Often, both beginning and experienced poets have difficulty understanding poems they read. Which of the globally famous poets do you consistently find to be the most accessible to readers?

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Poem by Maureen Weldon

RHYDYMWYN Yesterday was a walking day, in a Welsh Valley – whispers past an ice age. We wandered to the wetland where teasel flowers live: nesting boxes for sand martins: big sandy cylinders on poles; a sort of porch, an … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Mary Beth Bretzlauf

Waxing Lemons    Memories of summertime  Bring back those innocent days  When lemonade could get us money  When Grandma made the sweet tart treat  fussing about in the kitchen Apron on in this heat  Cardboard table set up   Front lawn … Continue reading

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A Haiku Sequence by Michael Ketchek

Four Seasons of Sun spring sun for her he plucks flowers from a neighbor’s garden   summer sun his pregnant wife’s lips dripping tomato   autumn sun trying to brush the burrs from her long brown hair   winter sun … Continue reading

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A Haiku Sequence by Kathe Palka

Hershey Gardens mid-October— among the roses a few slow bees   garden lovers on nearly every bench a dedication   in the arboretum hiding among old pines a young sequoia   chasing each other in the children’s garden chipmunks   … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Michael Escoubas

Morning Chores in January by Michael Escoubas Dad would roust out my brothers and me on icy mornings when the chill in our upstairs rooms wrapped us in a shawl of ice-crystals. Chores waited: Holsteins needed emptying their udders heavy … Continue reading

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Poem by Gina

the Magyar   I out of revolution and a burning bed she chose a summer somewhere else Afrika, under a triumphant sky where deep roots deliver the burnished dawn and gold leaf peels from the sea to hang in links … Continue reading

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Thank You! Special Offer Extended

Thank you to all of you who ordered Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All and Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing, taking advantage of my special holiday offer. One follower emailed me yesterday because he missed the Dec. … Continue reading

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Free Verse

My Mother’s Skin   I am glad I loved my mother’s skin, burrowed into it when I was small. Safety there, the smell and feel of her, all mine somehow, me from her returned. We slept together when my father … Continue reading

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Christmas Poem by Alan Harris

Santa’s Interior Monologue Boy, it’s dark. Sure is cold. Housetop–whoa, boys! Got the bag. Suck it in. Down the chimney. There’s the tree. Gifts out of bag. Stockings are here. Stuff ’em. Eat the cookies. Drink the milk. Wink. Suck … Continue reading

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