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Free Verse about Art

Madame Matisse’s Hat by Sally Hewitt     He didn’t like Madame Matisse’s Hat pointed his Picasso nose in the air, harrumphing, and made the hand gesture for time-out, thus I had to break my concentration, my absorption in form … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Cool Summers   Remembering cool summers:   The gooey duck summer when the long-necked clams shot their streams of freezing water up our bare legs. We loved to step on their breathing holes, but not the cold shower of salty … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Touching Sky We touched the sky and asked for more, ever more.   The river bed fanned and spread, coursing out toward the sea,  spewing twirling leaves and wine,  stretching time, our feet sinking  in the sand, slowing motion, minutes … Continue reading

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