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Daily Haiku: Sept. 3, 2022

day moon out of the subway entrance a saxophone solo by Olivier Schopfer (Switzerland) Honorable Mention Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award Competition, 2017

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 29, 2020

daylight fading the distant bleating of a sheep   by Olivier Schopfer (Switzerland) bottle rockets, #42, 2020

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Daily Haiku: May 24, 2019

airplane window seat the number of times I have to say “excuse me”  by Olivier Schopfer (Switzerland), Author So Many Miles: Fifty Senryu, 2019

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 21, 2019

sick in bed– the gap between the curtains by Olivier Schopfer (Switzerland) Mayfly, No.57, Summer 2014

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