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Daily Haiku Special: Dec. 11, 2022 with Debbie Strange

empty campground northern lights paint the darkness     by Debbie Strange (Canada) Honorable Mention World Haiku Review, Winter 2021-2022       we are nearly home . . . luminaria     by Debbie Strange (Canada) Zatsuei Haiku of … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku Special: Sept. 18, 2022, Debbie Strange

2 Haiku by Debbie Strange (Canada), and a Tanka, too!   busker’s hat a child offers coins of dried lunaria   First Place Bloodroot Haiku Award, 2022   canyonlands a meadowlark sings me out of myself   First Place Drifting Sands … Continue reading

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Tanka by Mike Montreuil

not as planned she keeps her arms arched around her hips hoping to avoid his casual touch       by Mike Montreuil (Canada) Gusts, No. 21, Spring/Summer 2015

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Tanka by Maxianne Berger

heavy rain turns the chrysanthemums inside-out for supper this evening my ex and his husband       by Maxianne Berger (Canada) Gusts, No. 13, Spring/Summer 2011

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Selected Tanka

more than fifty years we wandered side by side in seeming bliss who sees the cracks and flaws we patched with liquid gold by Christa Pandey (USA) First Prize Fleeting Words Tanka Competition, 2022 United Haiku and Tanka Society

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Tanka: an’ya (USA)

These three tanka are reprinted with permission from an’ya’s  book, “Tanka Tree Rings,” published in 2014.   she’s not far away whenever I can hear my wind chime . . . it blows in the same breeze that tangles her … Continue reading

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Tanka from Canada

little sister’s yellowed letters . . . your sweet innocence stolen by the years     by Marje Dyck (Canada) Haiku Canada Review, Vol. 15, No. 2, October 2021  

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Special: Tanka by an’ya

come to me if only on these nights of dreaming for without you will be no chapters and verses by an’ya (USA) Winner BHS Haiku Awards (Tanka Section), 2021   unattended among toxic weeds in a boneyard only forgotten souls— … Continue reading

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3 Tanka: June 16, 2022

parked in the driveway a melancholy trumpet solo on the radio now with the wipers off the windshield fills with rain by Michael Ketchek (USA) red lights, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2022 one of those days nothing goes right something invisible won’t … Continue reading

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3 Tanka: June 15, 2022

sudden chill a dragonfly skip jives with its reflection . . . when did you stop finding us amazing by Marion Clarke (Northern Ireland) Honorable Mention, Sanford Goldstein Competition 2019 Tanka Society of America     family photo: my father’s … Continue reading

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