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Free Verse by Maureen Weldon

MIDNIGHT ROBIN While the sky shimmers like shot silk, chimneypots a toothy smile, I count the pots, 1 2 3 4 5.   On my kitchen table, sheets and sheets of screwed up poems, I will flatten them tomorrow for … Continue reading

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Triolet by Paul Beech

STEEPLE Landmark, lifemark, the steeple of St John’s. Pausing, we hear the bells faintly in snow. Down the chill river, destiny beckons. Landmark, lifemark, the steeple of St John’s. Pals all our lives, we’re the lucky ones, Tramping the valley … Continue reading

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Haibun by Paul Beech

This haibun tells the true story of my very beginnings in post-war Lancashire… The Prayer Book My middle bookshelf groans under the weight though the tiny diesel engine, boxed starting pistol, and boxed prayer book piled at the end add … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Maureen Weldon

SINK AND THE GREAT HOUSE   ‘My poor hands, red and rough,’ this is what Sink hears as the greasy-spiky water sloshes, scullery maid scrubs with gentle precision porcelain plates, cups, saucers, jugs …   On freezing five o’clock mornings Sink feels … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Paul Beech

THE UNFORGIVEN   Well past middle-age, bald, he sits there with his love, milkshakes – his banana, hers vanilla – as midnight drizzle beyond the pane slicks the black tarmac of the car park of this garishly neon-lit deserted retail … Continue reading

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Blog Special: Free Verse by Paul Beech (Wales)

MOTHBALLS Buried with mothballs at the bottom of the chest, an old blue uniform from the war, an RAF uniform with two stripes, my dad’s.   Taller than my dad but still a boy, I’d put it on and dream … Continue reading

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Friday Surprise: A Poem by Maureen Weldon

THE EMPTY CITY No city, just rubble. Soldiers in black play hide-and-seek, We are East, West, North, South, they shout. So we packed him away, our precious boy, our precious child; packed him away for a better life in a … Continue reading

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A Poem by Paul Beech

Homemaking Gulls tumble screeching in the raw estuary blow as we pop the radio on.   There are those who frown still but here on our windy Welsh hill we’re making a home together.   She bends to the curtains … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: July 23, 2019

silhouettes in stormy moonlight their final pas de deux   by Paul Beech (Wales)  Blithe Spirit, Vol. 29, No. 1, February 2019      

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Daily Haiku: July 20, 2019

senryu   Grieg on low . . . he feels her smile through his shirt   by Paul Beech (Wales)  Failed Haiku, Vol. 2, Issue 22, October 2017  

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