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Daily Haiku: Nov. 9, 2019

a slight rock of grandma’s chair– porch shadows by arvinder kaur (India) Asahi Haikuist Network, March 31, 2017

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 30, 2019

fading dreams . . . the golden smoke of tamaracks by Debbie Strange (Canada) Runner-up The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition, 2018

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 29, 2019

telephone pole the woodpecker still using Morse code by Annette Makino  (USA) A Moment’s Longing Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology, 2019

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A Classic Collection of Loss and Resilience: Deflection by Roberta Beary

I have about 5,000 books in my personal library, so it’s rare for me to take the time to re-read any of them. However, I keep coming back to “Deflection” by Roberta Beary, published in 2015. Back then, my curiosity … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 24, 2019

senryu Nonna’s temper rises kneading her words into the bread dough by Rita Yager (USA)

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Special to The Daily Haiku: Sept. 22, 2019

autumn breeze the new smell of my red jacket   by Roberta Beary (Ireland/USA), Author The Unworn Necklace

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 17 through 22, 2019

Sandi Pray, a haikuist in the USA, is a great observer, and writes with heart and soul. Her haiku is accessible to everyone who reads it, and her delight in finding the haiku moment is infectious. We know her haiku … Continue reading

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