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A Rhyming Poem by Robert Mucci

Little Johnny Black Robe   Little Johnny Black Robe Sits upon his throne Ruining people’s lives As he sips his tea with scone.   “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye Each and everyone I am the King who reigns supreme … Continue reading

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Haibun by Roberta Beary

TV  PasTime when the husband is home it’s police procedurals & serial killers.   up the night staircase      shadows of  framed ancestors   when the husband is away it’s lost puppy shows & soppy endings.   beyond  the … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: April 18, 2021

path to my dogs’ gravemulch deepwith memory       by Donna Bauerly (USA)  

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Daily Haiku Special: April 15, 2021

Special by Roberta Beary: Two Haiku     shooting star  we stay up to watch the baby sleep     dementia wardthe knotted stringof paper cranes       by Roberta Beary (Ireland/USA) seashores journal, Vol. 6, April 2021  

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Daily Haiku: April 8, 2021

senryu       crime meeting i learn the names of my neighbors         by Roberta Beary (Ireland/USA) Modern Haiku, Vol. 43.2, Summer 2012

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Daily Haiku: April 7, 2021

senryu       family reunion no one notices when I say goodbye       by Barbara Tate (USA), Author far more than I ever was, 2021

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Daily Haiku: April 6, 2021

social distance learning to love being alone       by Lynne Jambor (Canada) Haiku Canada Review, Vol. 15, No. 1, February 2021  

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Daily Haiku: April 5, 2021

breath and ocean all the stories of our tides       by David Kāwika Eyre (USA), AuthorThe Nothing That Is

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Daily Haiku: April 1, 2021

senryu   self-portraitgetting to know myselfa little better   by Karen Harvey (North Wales) Haiku Dialogue, Dec. 23, 2020

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Daily Haiku: March 29, 2021

flag-draped coffin: one who set out in a crowd returns home alone       by Mike Dillon (USA) Modern Haiku, 35.3, 2004  

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