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Feature Articles: A Fun Way to Write and Publish

When I first started this blog, I wrote posts about feature writing, culled from my award-winning book, Beginners’ Guide to Writing & Selling Quality Features. This book is a classic and has been in print since 1990. Adults, students, people … Continue reading

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Feature Writers: Use This Checklist

Mark Twain often spoke of  writing in an unpretentious way,  simplicity of language, accuracy, and “naturalness.” These are points that should be uppermost in feature writers’ minds when they write for newspapers and magazines. Heed these key points about your … Continue reading

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Ideas for Articles That Will Lead to Publication

Do you want to get published in newspapers or magazines? Start with local publications, such as weekly newspapers or small, specialty magazines, if you’ve never gotten articles published. Articles are not difficult to get published. They give you a lot … Continue reading

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Write Like A Journalist

Writing like a journalist means economizing on words and being specific with facts. Space is at a premium in publications, so limit your words. Further, details are necessary in reporting facts. These are some examples on how to economize on … Continue reading

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