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Free Verse by Jennifer Dotson

Cooking Together It wasn’t my first BBQ. When we met, I feared I was just a crust, a shell, a broken yolk but your savory attention set my broth to boil. You whisked my batter to a froth and I … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Poem by Donna Bauerly

  Reflections Here, before two mirrors— One glass, The other a picture Of my unknown father— I reflect:   How strange to be so like A man I do not recall. Dead at thirty-three He knew me for just one … Continue reading

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Poem by Maureen Weldon

AND I DON’T KNOW WHY Somehow I’ve ended up here and I don’t know why I’ve ended up here but I’ve ended up here.   Somehow I met you and I know how that was meeting you.   I crossed … Continue reading

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Poem by Karen Harvey (North Wales)

Missing i. Frantically he searched their hotel room but he couldn’t find her even though the door was locked on the inside.   He ran out onto the balcony peering through the darkness at the next, wondering if she had … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Guy Stephenson

Veldtschoen A big fat sonorous word, it intrigued my ten year old mind. The bumpy leather, the clumpy soles the ring of the heels on our flagged kitchen floor. The very impressive weight of them and knowing how much they … Continue reading

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Poem by Larry Janowski (USA)

Religious Poem by Larry Janowski I hear you secretly groaning, Jesus Christ— not religion! Well, yes, but not a sermon in poem’s clothes, but the thick Latin root of religion, the lig of it — as in ligament, tough stuff … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Barbara Kaufmann

Joy Ride think how your body moved down the avenue of fourteenhips swaying into tomorrow and the next day how you curl your tongue around the idea of chocolateconsumed by it even as your body consumes it how your eyes connect … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Mary Beth Bretzlauf

Waxing Lemons    Memories of summertime  Bring back those innocent days  When lemonade could get us money  When Grandma made the sweet tart treat  fussing about in the kitchen Apron on in this heat  Cardboard table set up   Front lawn … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Michael Escoubas

Morning Chores in January by Michael Escoubas Dad would roust out my brothers and me on icy mornings when the chill in our upstairs rooms wrapped us in a shawl of ice-crystals. Chores waited: Holsteins needed emptying their udders heavy … Continue reading

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Poem by Gina

the Magyar   I out of revolution and a burning bed she chose a summer somewhere else Afrika, under a triumphant sky where deep roots deliver the burnished dawn and gold leaf peels from the sea to hang in links … Continue reading

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