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Daily Haiku: Aug. 28, 2021

senryu   grandma’s crazy quilt—an old needlerusted in place   by Charlie Rossiter (USA) Modern Haiku, Vol. 42:3, Autumn 2011

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Daily Haiku: April 4, 2021

senryu     sha do be do be doband bus rumbling homethrough the night       by Pris Campbell (USA) brass bell: a haiku journal, April 2021  

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 28, 2021

old house . . .my childhoodin each room     by Rosa Maria Di Salvatore  (Italy) Haikuniverse, Sept. 10, 2019    

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Tanka by Mary Davila

Tanka     I blow dust from an old polaroid buried in the attic . . . it seems like yesterday dad told me to smile     by Mary Davila (USA) red lights, 12:1, 2016  

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 14, 2021

stop sign– one last look at my father’s house       by Yu Chang (USA) Frogpond, Vol. 31:3, 2008  

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Free Verse

My Mother’s Skin   I am glad I loved my mother’s skin, burrowed into it when I was small. Safety there, the smell and feel of her, all mine somehow, me from her returned. We slept together when my father … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Mary Jo Balistreri

Archeology of Desire Steam curls its way up the spout, unfurls petals of mist that displace the winter of a cold kitchen. My gramma cups her hands around the blue-willow cup, its glaze cracked and veined. She lowers her face … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: April 5, 2020

well-worn path— I take my memories for a walk   by Carole MacRury  (USA) Seabeck Plaque, 2019  

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 29, 2020

woodsmoke . . . I let some memories go   by Julie Warther (USA) Frogpond, Vol. 43:1, Winter 2020

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Daily Haiku: Dec. 17, 2019

snowmelt the wild crocuses you loved by Debbie Strange (Canada) Second Place 1st Morioka International Haiku Contest, 2019

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