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Daily Haiku: May 25, 2020

black and white swirl our two naked bodies sleeping together by Carole Daoust (Canada)

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Free Verse by Pravat Kumar Padhy

HOW BEAUTIFUL …. If birds could talk Trees could walk with us Flowers could express their cause of smile Spring could speak its desire And meaning of songs to the rocks Waves could stop for a while so that We … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku Special Feature for Saturday, May 23, 2020

Many of you are familiar with Marta Chocilowska’s haiku. She is very active internationally in the haiku world. Below is her biography and nine of her haiku poems: Chocilowska lives in Warsaw, Poland. She is a cat–lover, cyclist, co-author of … Continue reading

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May is National Mental Health Month

Many of you are familiar with the haiku of Robert Epstein from reading this blog. You’re also familiar with his haiku collections and the anthologies he publishes that feature great poets’ work, like yours. During National Mental Health Month, I’d … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Vanessa Proctor

A dragonfly rests motionless on my finger as I gently unravel the spider’s silk that is caught around its wings and thorax. It seems weightless, with its dark, slender body, and six fragile legs on my skin. I unwrap each … Continue reading

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Free Verse by RM Yager

Grampa’s Life of 86 Years   They called me from the Nursing Home to come and collect his belongings   So I went   Gathered up, a Red clock radio, orthopedic tennis shoes, several Readers Digests, wool socks, boxer shorts, … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: May 20, 2020

seaside in summer . . . the sound of the undertow cradles all my dreams by Rosa Maria Di Salvatore (Italy) Haiku Dialogue, Aug. 14, 2019 The Haiku Foundation

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