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Tanka by Debbie Strange (Canada)

Tanka tracks of birds meander through snow . . . the surgeon marks her left breast with a cross by Debbie Strange (Canada) First Place British Haiku Society Awards, 2016

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Tanka by Chen-ou Liu

December tornadoes  . . . at the end of a trail of debris a mud-stained teddy bear in the midnight chill by Chen-ou Liu (Canada)

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Tanka by Debbie Strange

lost gloves sprout from melting snowbanks every finger points me toward a place I’d rather be by Debbie Strange (Canada) Honorable Mention Fleeting Words Tanka Competition 2021

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Tanka by Ellen Grace Olinger

after the harvest moon how gentle the wind in predawn rose light . . . I begin October with small and growing hopes by Ellen Grace Olinger (USA) Time Of Singing, Fall 2012

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Collection of Tanka & Haibun by Lenard D. Moore

Lenard D. Moore, whose work is often featured on this blog as a consummate haikuist, has just published a collection of his tanka and haibun. Featured below are a few samples from his book, “Long Rain”:   Haibun:     … Continue reading

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Tanka by Lisbeth Ho (Indonesia)

  summer dusk crickets start to sing calling the fireflies to light up the moonless night by Lisbeth Ho Cold Moon Journal, July 29, 2021

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Tanka by Debbie Strange

snow whirls outside the henhouse . . . father cups my hands around a warm brown egg       by Debbie Strange (Canada) 3rd Place Fleeting Words Tanka Competition, 2018  

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3 Tanka by an’ya

3 Tanka by an’ya   old memories like tangled fish hooks impossible to pick up only one without all the others   First Place 2008 Tanka Society of America International Contest       that final spring we were together … Continue reading

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Tanka by Beverley George

Tanka   a nurse at the clinic a traveller on the train sometimes we speak our deepest truth to those met fleetingly       by Beverley George (Australia) Red Lights, 6:1, 2010

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Tanka Sequence by an’ya

beachcombing my mother always said housework will wait– but treasures at low tide are too soon swept away     it’s where we built  the palaces of my youth each drip castle shaped by supple fingers the ones that fail … Continue reading

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