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Haiku by Alan Summers: June 13, 2017

leaf wind just enough frogs to catch a pond       by Alan Summers Anthology of the Samobor Haiku Meeting, Croatia, 2017

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Daily Haiku: June 7, 2017

starting to rain . . . girls in kimono lean together     by Michael Fessler, Author  (Japan) the sweet potato sutra  

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Your Responses to Describing Yourself as a Writer

Thanks to all who responded to my recent survey about describing yourself as a writer in just one word. There were fifty-five responses. (If I’ve inadvertently forgotten anyone’s response, please let me know.)   It’s interesting that some of you … Continue reading

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Describe Yourself as a Writer Using Just One Word

Dear Contributors and Readers: When I think of myself as a writer, I can come up with both favorable and unfavorable words to describe myself.  A few that come to mind are: impetuous, wayward, and cerebral. For anyone who is … Continue reading

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Your Responses to Describing “The Art of Writing”

Dear Readers,   Many thanks to all for responding with your one word to describe “The Art of Writing.” A few people duplicated words, but I decided to run them anyway.   If I have forgotten to run anyone’s word, … Continue reading

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Holiday Season Is a Good Time to Write

Many people tell me they don’t have time to write during the holiday season, and that they postpone many of their literary efforts until the new year. However, I think it is a particularly good and healing time to write. … Continue reading

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Readers Respond to “Seek the Best Place for a Poetry Reading”

    Alan Summers writes:   Good article!   Selling and shifting books can be notoriously difficult in many venues. We’ve all done open mic and guest poet slots but the make up of the event can rarely be conducive … Continue reading

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