Do you want to write and publish poetry, articles in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, company and trade publications, columns, non-fiction books, or any other genre? Then, this blog will give you a lot of practical instruction, ideas, and reading enjoyment. No matter what your background, level of education, or profession, you can write! You can! You can experience the joy and rewards of the good life of writing. You can be respected by friends and family alike for your skills.

This blog is instructional for authors, creative writers, journalists, publishers, and poets, both beginning and experienced. They will learn the how-to’s of writing/marketing through hundreds of posts. Topics include: book publishing; publicity/networking for writers; feature/column/news writing; appreciating and writing poetry including short Japanese-style forms; nurturing creativity; and general wordsmithing. The site also features interviews with authors and The Daily Haiku.

I publish books. I have marketed and/or published 55 titles. These books are sold in 44 countries to bookstores, libraries, universities, professional organizations, government agencies, and book clubs.

I am also the author of five non-fiction books: Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All; Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Homes; You Can Be A Columnist; Beginners’ Guide to Writing & Selling Quality Features; and Your Original Personal Ad.

The first four books have been adopted as supplemental texts at universities throughout the U.S., Canada, India, Pakistan, and Catalonia. They are sold in 42 countries, and are displayed in major metropolitan venues and cultural centers. These books have been reviewed, recommended and praised by hundreds of  critics, librarians, and professors worldwide.

I have also authored Shadows of Seasons: Selected Haiku and Senryu.

Two of my books have been Featured Selections of Writer’s Digest Book Club. I am regularly interviewed by major print, radio, and television organizations throughout the U.S. I have signed books at libraries, chain bookstores, and university bookstores.

I was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. I have been nominated and listed in “The International Authors and Writers Who’s Who” in Cambridge, England and in the “Who’s Who In Writers, Editors & Poets U.S./Canada.”

My background includes positions as a feature editor and columnist at daily newspapers and as a magazine editor. I have been a public relations director for a non-profit organization. I was also self-employed as a communications/public relations/marketing consultant with 102 clients in 18 states.

I have won thirty-six awards for my poetry. I am an internationally-published haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, kyoka, free verse, acrostic, cinquain, etheree, and sestina poet.

My poetry has been translated into Japanese, Turkish, French, Polish, Russian and Korean. I have done poetry readings at a variety of bookstores, libraries,
art centers, and galleries.

My poetry has been displayed at supermarkets, apparel and wine shops, banks, restaurants, botanic gardens, and on public transit. I’ve been interviewed on cable television about my poetry. I also hosted my own radio program, “Poetry Beat,” on public broadcasting for two years.

My poetry has been featured on library web sites, such as those of Shreve Memorial Library in Louisiana and Cornell University’s Mann Library.

In other professional areas, I have been on university faculties, teaching French, Italian, and Writing.

I regularly give special lectures and workshops on publishing, publicity, journalism, poetry, and creativity to business and professional groups. I also give “writing for publication” and poetry workshops at national writer’s conferences, universities, literary festivals, non-profit organizations, and libraries. I have been a writer-in-residence at universities.

There have been about 400 articles written about me in the media. I have served on the Boards of writers’ and publishers’ organizations. My positions have included Board Secretary of the Northwest Association of Book Publishers. I served for five years as Midwest Regional Coordinator of The Haiku Society of America. Currently, I am the organization’s Second Vice President.

You may click on my “Bio and Books” page to see photos of my books.

20 Responses to About

  1. maryheron says:

    Hi Charlotte, I discovered your blog while looking for places to post info about a haiku workshop in Camden, New Jersey on March 13. I am a member of the Nick Virgilio Haiku assn, based in Camden. Although this is not in your “neighborhood”, I thought you might be interested in our group and the work we do with children. We also have a couple videos on Youtube, Teaching Haiku in Two Workshops LINK IS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrA8GSzJDl4. THe other video is Do You Haiku-Part 1 taken from a workshop for 15 elementary school children, with tea ceremony,and interviews one week after the workshop.
    I will pass your blog on to our members, It is a great service to writers and very inspiring as well as lots of practical advice. THank you. Mary

    • Thanks so much for writing, Mary. I so much enjoyed the video with Tom Painting. I recently corresponded with him. I love Tom’s poetry. Your Association does such wonderful work! Can I interview you or someone else about your Association and run a blog about it?



  2. . . . 
    grow me a
    lullaby, leaves . . . 
    etching sky

    robert d. wilson

  3. Jessica Tommasi says:

    I hope my haiku is good for your blog:

    “Furious winds scream
    snow winter chill passed or dying
    imprisoned in white.”

  4. Gabriel Bates says:

    Hello, Charlotte! I’ve been a big fan of your blog since I first came across it a year ago. I was curious, how do you go about selecting the haiku you post each day? Do you just randomly select them from journals or do you also accept submissions? Thanks in advance for any info you may have.

  5. How do I follow this blog?

  6. Dear Charlotte, I am Jan Groenemann, the author of Through the Inner Eye, which I happened to find you had recommended on one of your blogs as one of your book list that beginning poets could most benefit from. So I am hoping you may remember my name. I wrote Through the Inner Eye in 1994. Being a professional painter I was so busy painting and marketing my work that I did little more writing than several poems and a daily journal. However, I have now completed my first novel, Woman Alone, and am ready to find a publisher. My publisher went out of business several years ago when the owner of the company retired. I am hoping you might put me in touch with a publisher who might be interested in my women’s contemporary fiction manuscript. If you are interested in talking with me about this I will certainly tell you more, but I don’t want to waste your time otherwise. I had to try and contact you as this feels like one of those serendipitous moments. Thank you sincerely for your time. Jan

    • Jan, I recognized your name and still have your book on my shelf. I am glad you are branching out and doing a lot of writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations for fiction publishers. That’s a tough one, since fiction is hard to get noticed. But, if any of my amazing readers have any suggestions for you, I hope they will contact you. Thank you so much for writing to me. Keep in touch. Best, Charlotte

  7. Peggy Bilbro says:

    Hi Charlotte. Where is a link to subscribe to your blog?
    Peggy B

  8. Peggy Bilbro says:

    Never mind! I found the follow button at the very bottom of the page. I was looking at the top. I’ve now subscribed! Peggy B

  9. Angelo Gallo says:

    Thank you Charlotte for this wonderful blog for haiku and poetry. I live in Rome.
    I read it everyday with pleasure, it give me the possibility to learn much more about haiku , my new letterary passion.

  10. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Angelo. Keep writing haiku!

  11. janhedger7 says:

    Hi Charlotte – good to be introduced to your site following a link by Maureen Weldon (Empty City posted Nov 2nd) – I have enjoyed further exploring the blog and contributions. How (may I ask) does one be more involved – sending apoem in or following your blog and any tuition? Jan Hedger

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