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Daily Double Haiku: Jan. 21, 2023

six, seven crows on the path a frozen banana by Louise Carson (Canada) Stratified Layers Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology, 2022 winter sunlight father rubs his hands to warm my face by Lakshmi Iyer (India)

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Daily Double Haiku: Nov. 27, 2022

wrapping gifts tape sticks to the cat’s nose by Louise Carson (Canada) soup kitchen Santa’s suit threadbare by Joseph P. Wechselberger (USA)

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Daily Double Haiku: June 16, 2022

Mother’s Day she phones it in by Louise Carson (Canada)

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Daily Haiku: April 25, 2022

kindling the empty clementine box a last sweet segment by Louise Carson (Canada) Literary Review of Canada, May 2013

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