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Tanka by Debbie Strange

snow whirls outside the henhouse . . . father cups my hands around a warm brown egg       by Debbie Strange (Canada) 3rd Place Fleeting Words Tanka Competition, 2018  

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 15, 2021

forgotten grave only the small bones of leaves remain     by Debbie Strange (Canada) Commended Haiku Polish International Haiku Competition, 2020  

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Daily Haiku: June 6, 2021

city sirens the wolves that used to sing us home       by Debbie Strange (Canada) Runner-Up Senryu Shamrock, 42, September 2019

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Daily Haiku: April 30, 2021

tent window northern lights capture our dreams     by Debbie Strange (Canada) bottle rockets, #43, 2020  

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Daily Haiku Special: April 11, 2021, 2 Haiku by Debbie Strange

rippling waves you teach me how to film the wind   Grand Prix 10th Setouchi-Matsuyama Int’l Photo-Haiku Contest, 2020     ripening pear the bruises that never heal   Longlisted Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, 2020       by … Continue reading

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Two Tanka by Debbie Strange

a smudge of blackbirds swirling into evening . . . how fluid the shape of this sorrow 2nd Place Fleeting Words Tanka Contest, 2018     watching you prepare a star fruit just so the small galaxies of grace in … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Dec. 20, 2020

blue nemophila I still miss the little things about my sister   by Debbie Strange (Canada) Winning Haiku 9th Akita International Haiku Contest, 2020  

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Special to The Daily Haiku– Haiku and Tanka in a New Book: Nov. 8, 2020

From this new book by Debbie Strange of Canada,  featured are three selections below: rainbows spin from the crest of a wave . . . I wish we’d had more time to say goodbye feathers on the empty beach I … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 24, 2020

mountain lupine the colour of wild in your eyes by Debbie Strange (Canada), Author A Year Unfolding

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Tanka by Debbie Strange

dried curls of gray reindeer moss crunch softly underneath our boots . . . no other sound, but breath by Debbie Strange (Canada) First Place San Francisco International Tanka Competition, 2016 Debbie Strange is an internationally-published short-form poet, haiga artist, … Continue reading

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