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Are You An Author? Prospect for Contacts!

If you are an author, you know that your books don’t automatically sell themselves. I talk to many authors who are creative writers, and they are happy just to give their books away to family and friends. I’ve never made … Continue reading

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Writing Simply Is the Best Way to Write

Leonardo da Vinci said: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I think this especially applies to the simplicity, yet often sophistication of haiku and senryu. In my book, Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All, I try to stress this … Continue reading

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“Renaissance Writer”/Bookstore Owner Interviewed by Newspaper

John J. Dunphy, whom many of you know as a skilled and longtime Illinois haikuist, is not only a successful author in many genres, but he has spent a lifetime promoting the written word. Please take the time to read … Continue reading

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Can You Change the World with Your Writing?

Years ago, an artist-friend told me that she loves to share her art. She said even if just one person who sees it, feels it speaks to them, and gets him/her through a bad time in life, it is worth … Continue reading

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Make a Name for Yourself: Be a Columnist

If you are in a professional field, being a columnist for a publication will offer immense benefits for you. Each professional field is flooded today, as we become more and more of an over-credentialed society. Those who stand out in … Continue reading

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Haiku Poet Undertakes Interesting Project

Some months back, I received a book, “Drifting,” and a CD from Marco Fraticelli, a Canadian musician and poet whose work has appeared on The Daily Haiku. He published the book in 2013. I quote his letter below: Hi, Charlotte … Continue reading

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A Haiku Poet Who Will Inspire You

Rarely do I feature a haiku collection in my blog, but Mike Dillon’s poetry is worthy of notice by my followers and readers. In 2003, Dillon authored The Road Behind, published by Red Moon Press in Winchester, Virginia. Today, it’s … Continue reading

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