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Daily Haiku: Dec. 18, 2021

snowfalla maple leaf clingsto its branch nevicatauna foglia d’acero si aggrappaal suo ramo by Eufemia Griffo (Italy) Hedgerow, July 8, 2021

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Tanka by Debbie Strange

lost gloves sprout from melting snowbanks every finger points me toward a place I’d rather be by Debbie Strange (Canada) Honorable Mention Fleeting Words Tanka Competition 2021

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Daily Haiku: Oct. 11, 2021

the soft brush of our hands folding sheets cherry blossoms       by Claire Vogel Camargo (USA) Sakura Award 2018 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Festival 

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 9, 2021

dying fire . . .I sit quietlywith my ghosts       by Ce Rosenow (USA) Mann Library’s Daily Haiku, Sept. 29, 2011  

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3 Tanka by an’ya

3 Tanka by an’ya   old memories like tangled fish hooks impossible to pick up only one without all the others   First Place 2008 Tanka Society of America International Contest       that final spring we were together … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 29, 2021

chasing being chased pipers and waves   by Bryan Rickert (USA) Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2020

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 3, 2020

from my window the maple tree blinks light . . . all seems possible       by Mary Jo Balistreri (USA)  

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Daily Haiku: Nov. 30, 2020

flash of light rips open a dream– night storm       by Jeffrey Winke (USA) Walking the Same Path Haiku Society of America 2004 Members’ Anthology

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Tanka by Michael Nickels-Wisdom

Since the wind unfurls past the industrial park, under starry skies, and over rows of soybeans, a red thread will not be found.   by Michael Nickels-Wisdom (USA) Tanka Splendor, AHA books, 1998

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Tanka by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

red watermelon for me while yellow for you in summer year after year we choose each other     by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams (USA) Blithe Spirit, February, 2018

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