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Prose Poem for The Holiday

The War News Dateline: Chicago 1944 Our flat over the tavern wasn’t large. As a four year old I slept on a day bed in the dining room. On the adjacent wall stood our Zenith floor model radio in its … Continue reading

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Haibun by Marilyn Fleming

To My Grandson If one dull summer day you should find yourself in a melancholy mood, go for a walk through the meadow until you spot a green flat blade of tall grass with a sharp edge, and place it taut … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Jennifer Dotson

Medusa Those Greeks got it all wrong. Medusa, a serpent-headed gorgon, so ugly that men turn to stone? Lies and misrepresentation. Medusa said It’s all natural so what’s the big deal? Her hair, not snakes, flourished in dark waves from … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Kathy Cotton

On the Loom The warp of me is Quaker gray, a quiet woolen thread— modest, utilitarian, looped simply on my frame. But, oh, the weft, the vibrant weft of me, weaves in and out those sturdy strands with shocking shades … Continue reading

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About Rhymesters

Where Have All the Rhymesters Gone?   by Curt Vevang     Poets were loved in olden days but now their form has many foes. And while it’s true, a few remain,   it’s only those who can’t write prose.   … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Mary Harwell Sayler

In Passing by Mary Harwell Sayler Death walksthrough my housein gray chiffon –sheer and dull asunpolished pewter.Sometimes I feel herbrush my arm,like a large moth wingagainst my skin,or lightin ashen shadowsat my feet. Interlitq, June 13, 2020     Mary … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Cool Summers   Remembering cool summers:   The gooey duck summer when the long-necked clams shot their streams of freezing water up our bare legs. We loved to step on their breathing holes, but not the cold shower of salty … Continue reading

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Free Verse by Sally Hewitt

Touching Sky We touched the sky and asked for more, ever more.   The river bed fanned and spread, coursing out toward the sea,  spewing twirling leaves and wine,  stretching time, our feet sinking  in the sand, slowing motion, minutes … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: May 31, 2020

late afternoon– the fullness of the cow’s udder by Carole MacRury  (USA) Snapshot Press, The Haiku Calendar, 2008

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Free Verse by Nisha Raviprasad

Arrival   The sky scarlet with streaks, golden like the anklets on a bride, studded with crows, black, beautifully scattered.     their raucous calls ring in the wind the dazzling moon is awake, she always was.    Her silver … Continue reading

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