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Daily Haiku: Sept. 18, 2020

senryu college world series a melting pot of mascots by Mike Stinson (USA), Author extra innings Book previously reviewed on this blog:

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 6, 2020

dappled light a patch of leaf litter becomes sparrows by Kristen Lindquist (USA) Editor’s Choice  The Cicada’s Cry, Summer 2020 Issue Bio note: Kristen’s daily haiku blog, Book of Days, is at

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Daily Haiku: Sept. 5, 2020

watering orchids the inside of a cat’s ear by Olivier Schopfer (Switzerland), Author Home After a Long Absence: Haiku, Senryu and Tanka Cyberwit, 2020 (New title by author, available through Amazon)

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Free Verse by Maureen Weldon

MIDNIGHT ROBIN While the sky shimmers like shot silk, chimneypots a toothy smile, I count the pots, 1 2 3 4 5.   On my kitchen table, sheets and sheets of screwed up poems, I will flatten them tomorrow for … Continue reading

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Tanka by Antoinette Libro

Tanka shops may be closed and houses shuttered but in the backyard a riot of red bougainvillea by Antoinette Libro (USA) Red Lights, Vol. 16, No. 2, June 2020

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 21, 2020

cemetery garden the endless sleep of leaves   by Eufemia Griffo  (Italy) Blithe Spirit, Vol. 28, No. 4, December 2018

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Free Verse by Jennifer Dotson

Family Harmony Sonnet Why do different things bother us so much? Our son hates fruit and even just the smells send him from a room. Or things mustn’t touch like ceramic plates on paper towels. I can’t hear it but … Continue reading

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Tanka by Michael Nickels-Wisdom

Since the wind unfurls past the industrial park, under starry skies, and over rows of soybeans, a red thread will not be found.   by Michael Nickels-Wisdom (USA) Tanka Splendor, AHA books, 1998

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 10, 2020

path through the woods my bike over tree roots by Marje A. Dyck (Canada), Author A Piece of the Moon, 2005

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Daily Haiku: Aug. 7, 2020

senryu scout camp with new flashlights we signal aliens   by Gregory Longenecker (USA) Acorn, #2, 2015

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