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Daily Haiku: March 27, 2020

Kongming lanterns wondering which is my autumn moon by Lakshmi Iyer (India) Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, 3.1, 2019

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Daily Haiku: March 19, 2020

dawn. . . I watch the New Year spill down the mountain   by Carole MacRury  (USA) Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar, 2016

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Daily Haiku: March 11, 2020

do I know you from another life grasshopper? by Kanchan Chatterjee (India), Author Scattered Leaves

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Daily Haiku: March 8, 2020

campfire light a stretch of song along the river   by Glenn G. Coats (USA) The Heron’s Nest, March 2018

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Blog Special: A Book to Savor

Award-winning Poet and Author Mary Jo Balistreri has written a book that I keep coming back to on my bookshelf.  Still is an adventure to read with many experiences we can all relate to. The poems are like stories. At … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 24, 2020

senryu soup kitchen a hole in the sole of Santa’s boot   by Joe McKeon (USA) Modern Haiku, 50.3, Autumn 2019

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 17, 2020

mountain side the sunlight funnels dusk   by Dave Read (Canada) Haiku Canada Review, Vol. 13, No. 2, October 2019

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