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Daily Haiku: Dec. 30, 2021

sunrise out of the fog a kayaker with a baritone voice     by Barbara Tate (USA), Author darkness in a noonday night, 2021

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Daily Haiku: Dec. 6, 2021

senryu   new calendar small white blocks to fit myself into   by Peggy Hale Bilbro (USA) Frogpond, Vol. 43, No. 3, 2020

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Daily Haiku: March 23, 2021

cool spring rain– on the edge of memory the scent of his collar   by Sari Grandstaff (USA) A Winner Golden Haiku Contest, 2018

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Daily Haiku: March 11, 2021

silence falls on the colours of the lawn the snow is falling       Scende il silenzio sui colori del prato Cade la neve         by Nicoletta Ignatti (Italy)  

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 20, 2021

miscarriage . . . how long this autumn of my womb       by Arvinder Kaur (India) Honourable Mention Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2020  

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Special Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

prayer plantawakening so quiet I listen   by Ellen Grace Olinger (USA)Hummingbird,  2001

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A Delightful New Book by Cara Armstrong!

A delightful book of micro-poems and illustrations by Cara Armstrong, “A Trick of Living,” has just been published by Big Table Publishing.  (Big Table Publishing has very creative books, and it’s based in Boston and San Francisco.) Micro-poetry comes … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 14, 2021

granny’s crooning awakens the baby winter sunshine   by Neena Singh (India) Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2021

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Daily Haiku: Feb. 13, 2021

star by star she takes him the long way home       by Dan Schwerin (USA) Frogpond, Vol. 40:1, 2017  

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Daily Haiku: Jan. 29, 2021

chasing being chased pipers and waves   by Bryan Rickert (USA) Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2020

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