Daily Haiku: June 16, 2021

windshield dew
the wayward journey
of a garden snail
by Michael Dudley (Canada)
triveni haikai calendar, 2021
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Daily Haiku: June 15, 2021

bare branches
a raven weighing
by Claire Vogel Camargo (USA)
NeverEnding Story, 2018
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Daily Haiku: June 14, 2021

lighting the path

of a falling leaf . . .

autumn moon


by Arvinder Kaur (India)

Frogpond, 44.1, Winter 2021


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Daily Haiku Special: June 13, 2021, 7 Haiku by Corine Timmer (Portugal)

in the branches

of a fallen conifer tree

a warbler’s nest  

Hedgerow, #133, Dec. 30, 2020


a sacred rope

wrapped around the cedar tree

our arms

Modern Haiku, 52:1, Winter-Spring 2021



FemkuMag, August 2019



wild bergamot in bloom her wind-swept hair

Poetrypea (podcast & journal), May 2020


leaf-strewn street — 

my reflection

in a passing hearse

Commended  Haiku

Little Iris Haiku Contest, Croatia, 2018


silent prayer . . .

from the cloisters

the cooing of turtledoves


oração silenciosa . . .

dos claustros

o arrulho das rolas


Portuguese translation: Corine Timmer and Esperança Dickman

IRIS International haiku magazine, December 2019



the cheetah

barely touches the ground


The Mamba: Journal of African Haiku, Issue 5, March 2018

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Daily Haiku: June 12, 2021

beach walk
the stick I tossed
by Tom Painting (USA)
Mann Library’s Daily Haiku, March 7, 2011
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Daily Haiku: June 11, 2021

forest bathing
red maples with a hint
of woodsmoke

by Lynne Jambor (Canada)
Poets Salon, Nov. 20, 2019
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Daily Haiku: June 10, 2021

note to the ex–
too late
to halve it all
by Lin Geary (Canada)
2021 Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology
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Daily Haiku: June 9, 2021

full bloom
the mothers-to-be swap
old wives tales
by Marianne Paul (Canada) 
a hole in the light, The Red Moon Anthology, 2019
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Daily Haiku Special: 2 Haiku by Neena Singh


wooden ladder
on the neighbour’s wall
the moon climbs down
by Neena Singh (India)
Honorable Mention
Poetry Pea Podcast S4 E6 & Spring Journal, 2021
autumn dusk
the hand of an old friend 
in mine
by Neena Singh (India)
Third Prize
Monthly Kukai, April 2021
The Haiku Foundation
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Daily Haiku: June 7, 2021

wild violet–
my footsteps, too
seem aimless
by Donna Fleischer (USA)
seed packets: an anthology of flower haiku, 2010
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Free Verse by Jackie Chou


the sum of things slowly dissolves
as I, in sunshades, sit on a shore
not functioning up to par
I have lost the spark
the ocean waves crash against
my outstretched feet
touching my toes
I feel myself sink into the golden sand
until I am no longer visible
the words will not come
for me to shout to be rescued
the seashells are broken like my faith
the sharks have eaten my dignity
still they say not to look back
or criticize myself
the sea spits back the dreams
only in chewed up pieces
too shattered to make up a whole again
I put them in a treasure box and close it
not knowing the meaning of anything
this silence surrounding me
this blue of the air


by Jackie Chou (USA)

Madness Muse Press, #3, 2020

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Daily Haiku: June 6, 2021

city sirens
the wolves that used to
sing us home
by Debbie Strange (Canada)
Runner-Up Senryu
Shamrock, 42, September 2019
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Free Workshop: Learn All About Writing Haiku & Senryu

“Writing Haiku & Senryu”

Free Zoom Workshop for All from Everywhere

Sponsored by the Winnetka Public Library, Winnetka, Illinois, USA

Sunday, Sept. 19, 2 to 3:30 p.m. (Chicago–USA Time)


For Beginners! Learn all about the art of haiku and senryu. These short poems are about life, nature, seasons, and human nature. Enjoy crafting/publishing insightful, wise, moving, and healing poems that capture your life’s moments. Participants will have the opportunity to read a poem during the event (optional.)

Led by Charlotte Digregorio, author of Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All and editor of this blog with The Daily Haiku that’s been running for more than six years.

Invaluable instruction that will get you writing great, publishable poems! Many publishing tips included!

Register at:



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Daily Haiku: June 5, 2021

so quiet

the moon climbs

a roof

by Marta Chocilowska (Poland)

brass bell: a haiku journal, June 2021


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Daily Haiku: June 4, 2021

hangs in the air

trill of

the Whippoorwill


by Erin Castaldi (USA)

Wales Haiku Journal, Summer 2020

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Daily Haiku: June 3, 2021

my backyard a winter wren fills the space

by Clive Bennett (U.K.), Author
Feathered Skies, Proletaria, Spring 2020
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Daily Haiku: June 2, 2021

in hidden corner
listening to my dreams


by Lisbeth Ho (Indonesia)

Haiku Dialogue, March 31, 2021

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Daily Haiku: June 1, 2021

eye exam
in the dark he compliments
my retinas
by Annette Makino (USA)
The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XVI, No. 4, December 2014
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Daily Haiku: May 31, 2021

riverfront tavern
patrons stand at the bar
in wading boots
by John J. Dunphy (USA)
Asahi Haikuist Network, July 31, 2020
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Daily Haiku: May 30, 2021

squabbling squirrels
I no longer remember the names
of childhood bullies
by Robert Epstein (USA)
The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XIII, No. 1, March 2011
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Judges’ Reviews Are In– “Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing”


These are the latest reviews of my new book, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing from the judges of the prestigious contest, Benjamin Franklin Awards (2021). The contest is conducted by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

I am proud!


Benjamin Franklin Awards (2021): Independent Book Publishers Association


Comments from Judge #1:

Life in all its aspects flows through Charlotte Digregorio’s buoyant poetry collection. For its healing and inspirational qualities, this is a book to keep and reread frequently. It inspires enhanced living and writing. Excellent!


Comments from Judge #2

 This book is a very easy and pleasurable read. I read every poem with delight in about 6 days. (236 pages). There are lines in the poetry that if they were fireworks would light up the night sky. This book is that good. The introduction is a marvelous bit of writing, explaining the author’s view on poetry, and about the title’s meaning. All through the book, when each new section is about to unfold, there is prose explanation of what one is about to encounter. These preludes to the sections are one of the best features of the book.


This book is available through Amazon or through me, Charlotte Digregorio. You may  contact me at  c-books@hotmail.com






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Daily Haiku: May 29, 2021

summer’s end
loose-leaf notebook snaps
echo in the hall


by Sari Grandstaff (USA)

The Heron’s Nest, Vol. VIII, No. 1, March 2006

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Daily Haiku: May 28, 2021

the red lampshade
autumn rain


by Miriam Sagan (USA)

Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2019

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Haiku Sequence by Roberta Beary



Memorial Service

dark winter sky

mourners approach

in single file


memorial service —

work on the left

family on the right


slide show

a handsome young soldier

with the same nose


eulogy —

his only son 

tests the mic



the moment of silence

pop of champagne



by Roberta Beary (Ireland/USA)

Frogpond, 38.1, 2015

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Daily Haiku: May 27, 2021

the homeless
between buildings
night fog


by Dave Read (Canada)

Wales Haiku Journal, Spring 2018

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Daily Haiku: May 26, 2021

watering roses
a toad baptized
from the pour spout


by Marilyn Fleming (USA)

The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XIX, No. 2, June 2017

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Daily Haiku: May 25, 2021

house for sale . . .
smoke alarm beeps
echoing the emptiness
by Donna Bauerly (USA)
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Daily Haiku: May 24, 2021

rain showers . . .
i listen

to the faucet drip

by Rick Daddario (USA)
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Daily Haiku: May 23, 2021

airport lounge a bartender mutes the dead
by Roberta Beary  (Ireland/USA)
NOON 6, 2008
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Poem by Maureen Weldon


Somehow I’ve ended up here

and I don’t know why

I’ve ended up here

but I’ve ended up here.


Somehow I met you

and I know how that was

meeting you.


I crossed the border

that night

after you kissed me.


And somehow I’ve ended up here.


by Maureen Weldon (Wales)

Ink Sweat & Tears, May 2021

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Daily Haiku Special: May 22, 2021– 2 Haiku by Barbara Tate (USA)

happy hour
on the near side of midnight
wrapped in his shirt
Echidna Tracks, June 1, 2021
Australian Haiku Society
we remember childhood
three ways


hedgerow, Issue #34, 2021
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The Clock by Paul Beech


He’s here with me now, my kid bro from the south. A brilliant inventor, patents registered, top prizes won. Until stricken with early dementia.


We’re in North Wales, not far from the sea, at a Fabrics and Haberdashery store. Sitting outside, whiling away the hour. Despite his mind’s slow waning, he’s fascinated still by devices.


11:45, not long to go. I take him in. And climbing the stairs, point out the cast iron weights on wires. Already we hear the tick, tick, tick of ratchet and pawl.


Reaching the Fabrics Hall, we turn. And there, on the wall above the stairwell, in all its brassy glory, sits the clock, green bob pendulum swinging.


Gingham, velvet, poly-cotton. Women sneak curious glances in our direction, quickly turning aside.


Twelve times, the bell rings out to the rafters.


He’s here with me now, my kid bro from the south. And his eyes shine.


our past lives

in box brownie snaps

two boys on stilts


by Paul Beech (Wales)


failed haiku: A Journal of English Senryu, Vol. 5, Issue 56, August 2020



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Daily Haiku: May 21, 2021

talking to himself
versus talking to no one
by Neal Whitman (USA)

Frogpond, 40:1, Winter 2017

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Poem by Robert Mucci

Memorial Day

Every year in the month of May

We celebrate Memorial Day,

Honoring all those who’ve  fallen:

Husbands, Fathers, Mothers, Daughters,

Sons and Wives,

All of whom heard freedom’s cries

All of whom heard freedom calling, and

Answered bravely with their lives.


Freedom’s spark of evolution

Started with the Revolution


Yorktown, Washington, Saratoga

Trenton, Princeton, Lexington

Cowpens, Monmouth, Ticonderoga

Germantown, Camden, Charleston.


Brandywine, King’s Mountain, Chelsea Creek

Valley Forge and Musgrove Mill

Long Island, Concord, Chesapeake

New York, Boston, Bunker Hill.


The Civil War was

Like no other

Family against family,                             

Brother against brother,


Gettysburg, Vicksburg,

Fort Sumter, Antietam,

Bull Run, Atlanta

In the name of freedom.


From Tripoli to Galipoli

Sicily and Bataan

Normandy to Paris,

Korea, and Saigon.


Iwo Jima, Okinawa, 

Danang and Hue.

Guadalcanal , Corregidor, 

Manila, Midway.


Crete, Luzon, Sedan,

Verdun, Berlin, Ardennes

Battle of the Coral Sea

The Bulge, Brody and Cantigny.


The Solomons and New Guinea,

Leyte Gulf and Santa Cruz 

Bastogne and the Java Sea

St. Vith, Eglais, and Malmedy.


Monte Cassini, Anzio

The Maine, the Cole, the Alamo

Upon our shores our flag unfurl

Eternal memory for those at Pearl.


Baghdad, Kandahar, Mozul

Fallujah, Ramadi, Kabul,

Basra, Karbala, Kuwait Desert Shield,

Freedom’s fight can never yield.


They died in  jungles of distant lands,

They died at beaches on foreign sands,

They died in the air, on land and sea

They died where there was tyranny


We pause to reflect the price that was paid 

By so many who faced death unafraid

The rows of markers at Arlington laid

Only begin to reveal the sacrifice made.


Another year of time soon passes 

The markers tower above the grasses

Reminding us that we should pray

For every day is Memorial Day.



by Robert Mucci (USA)



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Daily Haiku: May 20, 2021

after the funeral soft rain down the chimney


by Dave Russo (USA)

Acorn, 22, 2009

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Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

new green leaves
on trees that knew

the colors
of dramatic autumn

in silence sometimes
and in small ways

new dreams grow


by Ellen Grace Olinger (USA)



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Daily Haiku: May 19, 2021

wild roses

she catches him kissing

her sister


by Bee Jay (Australia)

Frogpond, Vol. 41:2, Spring/Summer 2018

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Daily Haiku: May 18, 2021

your beard
soft against my neck
sun through the blinds
by Maxianne Berger (Canada) 
Sun Through the Blinds:
Montreal Haiku Today, 2003
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Daily Haiku: May 17, 2021

missed anniversary
my wife and I exchange
by Lew Watts (USA)

Failed Haiku, Issue 37, 2019

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New Book by Sharmagne Leland-St. John!

Artful poetry is music, but it’s often hard to find thoughtful poetry that is melodic. “A Raga for George Harrison,” by Sharmagne Leland-St. John is a very special poetry collection with poems that read like songs. Some of the poems take us back in history celebrating famous people, poets and singers. Leland-St. John also shares her life’s events– its hardships, losses in love, and deaths of those close to her– that readers find relatable. This soulful and poignant book is a window into Leland-St. John’s life and experiences that have shaped her, in which we learn more about ourselves.

“Raga” is a reference to the melodies found in Indian music. Leland-St. John is a Native American author. Through “swaras,” the singer progresses up, then down the musical scale. Similarly, Leland-St. John’s poetry ascends and descends in tones.

Poems that readers will particularly remember and re-read are those written about George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Virginia Woolf, Allen Ginsberg, and Federico Garcia Lorca. She writes of those who’ve impacted her life, as tributes.

The poem “Lorca” is absolutely stunning, recounting the poet’s execution by Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, amid the backdrop of the beauty and gentleness of nature:


by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Across the ochre meadow
He stumbled,
Wildflowers dotting
Unfamiliar terrain, quivered
In morning’s cool breeze.
The same gentle wind 
Slightly ruffled his hair.

For a brief moment 
Clouds obscured sun
Then the high-pitched
Click and clink
Of metal upon metal–
Ammunition loaded,
Rifles cocked,
While butterflies danced
An erratic air ballet.

How would he have described 
The staccato sound of a firing squad 
As it shatters the golden dawn?
Or should one perhaps
Refer instead
To the sudden cessation of birdsong
Then the silken whisper of wings…
Against a blood drenched sky;
As seen through 
The dead poet’s eye?


In the collection, Leland-St. John appears to write flowing poems effortlessly, and this spurs the reader to write poetry, too.

Her poems are rich in imagery and often rhyme.


From “Tiny Warrior,” about the death of her baby boy:


You never saw the spring my love

Or the red-tailed hawk circling high above

On feathered wings my love

You only knew the snow

You never saw the prairie grasses bend and blow

And undulate like the shimmering indigo sea


In “Wild Dark Love Song,” the poem begins:


Her man,

A wild dark love song.

Borne deep within her gypsy soul.

He’s gone to live in jagged mountains,

Where salmon jump and sing,

In tarns

High above

The cloud lines

Beyond the silver moon.


In “An Unsung Song To Ron,” I liked this passage:


When you look in Monday’s mirror

Will you understand a woman’s fears

And when you see the rain next time

Will it remind you of my tears?


In the last poem, the last line of the collection, the poet speaks of “Tomorrow’s fragile dreams.” Yet the beauty in this book gives us the courage to move forward and appreciate our life’s experiences we learn from.

There is dignified expression and beauty throughout this fine collection. Don’t miss this highly-recommended book, elegantly produced by cyberwit.net.


A Raga for George Harrison, Copyright 2020
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John
94 pages ~ 54 poems
ISBN: 978-93-88125-90-1
Publisher: Cyberwit.net


About Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Sharmagne Leland-St. John, 15-time Pushcart Prize nominee, is a Native American poet,
concert performer, lyricist, artist and filmmaker. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the
19-year-old literary and cultural arts journal Quill and Parchment.com.

The author spends time at home in the Hollywood Hills in California, her fly fishing
lodge on the Stillaguamish River in the Pacific Northwest, a casita/writer’s retreat
in Taos, N.M. and her villa in Tuscany. She is the founder of fogdog poetry in
Arlington, WA and tours the United States, Canada, and England as a performance poet.

She is widely anthologized, and her poetry and short stories appear in many
online literary journals. She has published four books of poetry: Unsung Songs (2003),
Silver Tears and Time (2005), Contingencies (2008), La Kalima (2010); and she co-
authored a book on film production design: Designing Movies: Portrait of a Holly
-wood Artist (Greenwood/Praeger 2006).

She is the editor of Cradle Songs: An Anthology of Poems on Motherhood, winner
of the 2013 International Book Award Honouring Excellence in Mainstream and Independent Publishing and one of four finalists for the NIEA (National Independent Excellence Award).


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Daily Haiku: March 16, 2021

not lonely
but alone, the moonlit
by David G. Lanoue (USA)
Modern Haiku, 35:2, 2004
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Poetry Open Mic: Read Your Poems to a Global Audience!

Charlotte Digregorio has organized a poetry open mic, for all from everywhere, Sunday, July 25 at 2 p.m. (Chicago-USA Time). For those who’d like a global audience for their poetry through Zoom, this Winnetka (IL) Public Library-sponsored event, will spotlight beginners & experienced poets. Poets will introduce themselves, tell why they like to write poetry, and share up to five of their poems. Charlotte will kick off the event by reading some poems from her new book, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing. Non-poets are also welcome to be part of the audience. Register: https://winnetkalibrary.libcal.com/calendar/events/?cid=3782&t=d&d=2021-07-25&cal=3782&in

Since the event is far into the future, if you do sign up, and later find you can’t make it, please contact me to let me know you need to cancel your registration. Space is limited, and it would be of great help to those who want to attend who otherwise couldn’t get in.  My address is: c-books@hotmail.com. And, you can also email me with questions about the event.Adobe Photoshop PDF



My books Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing and Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All are available through many U.S. libraries, (public and university). They are also free to receive through inter-library loan, if your library doesn’t have them. For those living outside the U.S., please inquire through your local library.

Peace and thanks,

Charlotte Digregorio


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Daily Haiku: May 15, 2021


stepfamily some assembly required
by Gregory Longenecker (USA)

Mariposa, 36, 2017

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Daily Haiku: May 14, 2021

a hermit
died in those woods:
noonday pond
by Mike Dillon (USA)
Modern Haiku, Vol. 45:2, Summer 2014
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Daily Haiku: May 13, 2021

his cough
in our air
by Margaret Peacock (USA)
Modern Haiku, 33:2, 2002
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Daily Haiku: May 12, 2021


tuning the cello
finches turn their heads
this way and that
by Bob Lucky (Portugal)
Modern Haiku, Vol. 45:2, Summer 2014
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Daily Haiku: May 11, 2021

locusts weave

every grandpa story

hip-high bluestem


by Mary Jo Balistreri (USA)

Bundled Wildflowers

Haiku Society of America 2020 Members’ Anthology

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Daily Haiku: May 10, 2021

fall sunshine

the copier warms up

in the library


by Lenard D. Moore (USA)

Modern Haiku, 42:1, Winter-Spring 2011

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Daily Haiku: May 9, 2021–2 Haiku

standing in the middle of now here


by Peter Newton (USA)

Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years, 2013

sorrow on Mother’s Day . . .

in my garden

I watch the butterfly

by Ellen Grace Olinger (USA)

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Haiku Special: May 8, 2021–New Book by Philomene Kocher and Marco Fraticelli!


Have you ever heard of “septenga”? A septenga is haiku– a sequence of seven links, starting with a three-liner, followed by two, and ending with a three-liner. (3-2-3-2-3-2-3). The poem contains a theme that unites the seven links, and it can either be written solo or with a partner.

“Changing Demographics” is a book of septenga by Canadian Haikuists Philomene Kocher and Marco Fraticelli. The three-liners are written by Kocher and the two-liners by Fraticelli.

In this thoughtful chapbook, I learned a new form! Published by catkin press in 2021, owned by Canadian Claudia Coutu Radmore, the book cover was also designed by Radmore. (She is the President of Haiku Canada.)

Kocher and Fraticelli enjoy writing linked verse because collaborative writing is “a great antidote” to what is often a solitary experience, according to Fraticelli.

The septenga form was created by Haikuists Alexis K. Rotella and ai li in 1997.

Here is one septenga from the book:

Silent Wind

a crow

on the bare branch

of a tree shadow


the open coffin

covid summer

only the flowers

blooming on campus

silent wind


in the middle of the field


taller than the corn

my remaining days measured

in pills

almost dark

and the cicada

still sings

For more information on this book, you may contact Fraticelli at: Mapletree67@hotmail.com


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